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florida t minus 20 hours [Apr. 15th, 2003|07:38 pm]
yesterday track meet at bethlehem
today feild trip to nj
it was so gay and dumb but me and rachel were singing on the bus not realizing people can hear us so yep that was hot :-P
then i went to practice after that and it was so hot all day so i was like having trouble breathing but i was running by myself and since my coach kinda scares me she was talking to me almost made me cry when she said she didnt know if i should do distance or sprinter she isnt too sure what i would be better at and i do sprinting bc its easier in her eys but wwhatever
tomorrow im leaving for florida yay for a tan
boo for family time
yay for 90 degree weather better than this crap your going to get over vaca
and definate yay for beaches oceans and relaxation

im a little stressed right now because my family is gay so im out goodbye kids ill be back in like...12 days or so :-P

call me 1-518-669-7549 if your in orlando we can get together man