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shaker track and feild 2003 [Apr. 13th, 2003|06:22 pm]
[mood |curiouscurious]
[music |phish_the curtian]

yesterday shaker took home three wins from nanuet relays...boys...girls...and combined
it was fun at first it was rainy and cold and then it got hot sunny and everybody got color i of course got burnt because im lucky like that
i ran in the freshman sophmore 4x8 and we came in 6th
and frosh/soph 4x4 and we came in third i was last leg in both and i got a PR for the 400 (67 seconds)
so i guess waking up at 445 on a saturday morning is worth it...sort of
so the meet was overall a good time before durring and after

when i got home i showered and went over to mikeys house with brian and becca we watched like a little bit of 3 movies and they ate pizza i had to be home for 1130 and then i just like went to bed