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this is my subject have fun with it [Apr. 11th, 2003|10:34 pm]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[music |christina aguilera_cant hold us down]

soo wednesday out meet got cancled due to the snow in april yay for that one
thursday hmm i had such a good day like yeah
woke up to incubus and heard it two more times so three times before school is so good and then i had such a good time in school like it went by really quick and then practice was okay 4 500s and me and christine were being sneaky :-[ and i my day was made 10x better because they like said the list for nanuet and yep my name on there :-p and so thats tomorrow (saturday) and then after practice i stayed after till 530 (extra hour and half) and me and brian went to his house then stopped by my empty house for like an hour yep fun stuff...then i went shopping and got a couple things with my mom andthat was pretty much the end of my good day
then today friday i woke up late and took a shower went to school with my hair soaking wet and didnt brush it ihope you all liked that one...then practice yep i did a warm up and that was it because we did hand offs and i only did one
becca came over at like 730-ish and we just hung out and brians topped by at 9 and stayed till like 1030 and that brings us to now when we are going to sleep at 11 which is way earlier than i go to bed even for school but we do have to wake up at 445 in the morning to go to a track meet....hmmm yeah

goodbye kiddos